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Yes, We're Open (2012)


Luke and Sylvia think of themselves as the embodiment of a "modern" couple – always in the know, open to new experiences, and proud to be San Franciscans. Enter Elena and Ronald – a provocative polyamorous couple that not only challenge Luke and Sylvia’s status amongst their friends, but also force them to examine their commitment to each other. With temptation right around the corner, Luke and Sylvia must figure out where they really stand on love, sex, and honesty.


Lynn Chen: Sylvia          
Kerry McCrohan: Ronald
Parry Shen: Luke Theresa Navarro: Cassy
Sheetal Sheth: Elena Tasi Alabastro: Scott



Richard Wong: director/producer H.P. Mendoza: writer
Theresa Navarro: producer Joan Huang: executive producer