Sunset Stories (2012)



May, a high-strung and overly meticulous nurse, must return to Los Angeles to retrieve bone marrow for a transplant. Soon after her trip begins, her world turns upside down when past and present collide and she runs smack into JP, the man she left behind five years ago. Flustered, May loses the cooler containing the marrow. With only 24 hours remaining, the two embark on an offbeat search through the streets of Los Angeles only to discover that just when you think all is lost you find what you least expected.


Monique Gabriela Curnen: May  
Mousa Kraish: Tom     
Sung Kang: JP Michelle Krusiec: Nova  
Joshua Leonard: Chaz  
Justin Vivian Bond: Miss Lana



Ernesto Forondo: director/writer 
Justin Lin: executive producer
Silas Howard: director       
Joan Huang: co-producer   
Tatiana Kelly: producer  
Jean Huang: co-producer
Valerie Stadler: writer/producer