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SPOTLIGHTING takes viewers on the roller coaster ride of survival as experienced by The Sun Spots, a veteran music and comedy lounge act in downtown Las Vegas. In the early 1960s, they began as a wide-eyed group in the Philippines who developed their showmanship while on a grueling tour of the U.S. military bases across Asia. After widespread stardom eluded them, The Sun Spots restlessly toured the United States and abroad until they found a home as the house band at the Plaza Hotel. Today, the unique bond between the band and their loyal fans in this little lounge raises questions regarding the ultimate meaning of success.


Ed Grell Roger La Torre
Sandra Kerr Jun 'Julio' Obinque
George La Torre Gerry Valero


Justin Lin: Director Jimmy Tsai: Associate Producer
Josh Dimond: Director/Producer Juliet Wong: Associate Producer
Joan Huang: Producer Patrice Lucien Cochet: Cinematography