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Finishing The Game (2007)


On July 20, 1973, martial arts actor Bruce Lee died suddenly in Hong Kong at the age of 32. Within six weeks of his death, "Enter the Dragon" was released and quickly became an international box office smash, making Bruce Lee a posthumous legend. At the time of his death, Mr. Lee was preparing to return to his partially completed passion project, "The Game of Death". An exciting 12 minute action sequence had already been shot and vaulted at the film studio. Due to the public’s intense hunger for another Bruce Lee movie, a decision was made by top executives to complete "The Game of Death" by finding a replacement for its deceased star.

"Finishing the Game" delves into the search for the "New Bruce Lee" by following several of the prime candidates poised for the role. A volatile Vietnam vet, an illegal alien, a starry-eyed doctor, a Caucasian-looking activist, a cursed TV actor, a traumatized refugee, and a Bruce Lee-knock-off all vie for the coveted opportunity.

As the ego-crushing competition gets narrowed down in each ensuing round, the talents and character of each competitor are put to the ultimate test. Who will rise to the occasion? Who will fall apart? Who has the star power? Who is a back stabber? Who will surprise us all? Who will destroy who? Who will make you want to cheer? Who will make you squirm in your seat? And, most importantly...WHO WILL FINISH THE GAME?!!


Roger Fan Sung Kang
Dustin Nguyen James Franco
McCaleb Burnett Monique Curnen
Mousa Kraish
Meredith Scott Lynn



Justin Lin: director/writer/producer Josh Diamond: writer
Joan Huang: executive producer Jeffrey Gou: executive producer
Julie Asato: producer Sal Gatuda: producer