glowsticks & drumsticks



Two teenage girls, Tyler and Toni, embark on their first encounter with Electronic Music Subculture - they're going to their first Rave. However, they get lost and find themselves in an underground Rock Show. The evening looks dour until an unexpected encounter leads to a giddy explosion of dancing.
"Glowsticks and Drumsticks" bookends a narrative short film with a kinetic music video - a device most famously explored in Michael Jackson's "Thriller".


Kendal Sheppard: Tyler
Angela Sun: Toni
D'Angelo Jones: Rocker Boy
Mark Davis, Kuang Lee, Parker Giles, Kaumayar Delkash: Hypercycle Band
Christine Ballares, Michael Tolfo, Travis Walck, Veronica Chanel, Angela Sun:
Dancing Extras
James Micheal Miller, Matt Davis, Monica Martinez, Kathryn Grim, Wendy Wang, Chris Harvey, Walker Fenz, Nataile So, Melissa Wong, Michael Holmes, Davis Wang,

Doan La, Estella Chavez, Ashley Gartrell, Allison Cernasky: Extras


Kuang Lee: Director/Writer
Joan Huang, Jeffery Gou: Executive Producers
Bethany Cerrona, Micheal Tolfo: Producers
Frederick Schroeder: Director of Photography
David Michael Mauer, Kuang Lee: Editors
Special Thanks: Joan Huang & Jeff Gou at Cherry Sky, Leslie Brennan, Wooden Nickel, Fred Wu, Rick Royale at Popomatic Project Fimmakers, Wendy Wang and APA News Magzine, Sage, Paige Moss