Crossword Akumu


The Crossword Akumu tells the story of crossword puzzle solver extraordinaire Peter Constantinople, a man who will stop at nothing in his attempt to win "Wilbur's $50,000 Crossword Challenge!" However, Peter hits a seemingly - insurmountable case of the crossword solver's block when he reaches the final clue, forcing him to turn to his final resort:
THE MEMO. But THE MEMO won't be the only thing that assists Peter in his journey to solving the final clue; along the way, he'll encounter the mystical Dr. Belligerence, a pugnacious panda that vanquishes all enemies standing in his path. But will the combined assistance of THE MEMO and Dr. Belligerence be enough?


Sir Jonathan Oliver: Peter Constantinople
Mitsuji Higashimoto: Voice of Dr. Belligerence
Mitsuji Higashimoto: Voices from The Mighty Metal
Maya Murakami: Mega-Droids cartoon
Mitsuji Higashimoto, Maya Murakami, Sir Jonathan Oliver, Jordan Slovin, Inyork Wong, Jimmy Tsai: The Dancing Pandas Chorus


JimmyTsai: Director/Writer/Producer
Joan Huang, Jeffery Gou: Executive Producers
Zhone Ping: Producers
Maya Murakami: Associate Producer
Jordan Slovin: Director of Photography
James Lu: Key Grip/Gaffer
Inyourk Wong: Sound Mixer
Maya Murakami: Make-up/Hair
Jason Chang, Zhone Ping: Still Photography