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Better Luck Tomorrow (2002) 


Everyone knows a person like Ben - the perfect Asian American high school teen. He's an extremely intelligent perfectionist, an overachiever whose tunnel vision will lead to nothing less than graduating at the top of the class and acceptance to the best Ivy League university.

Ben lives in an upper middle class, conservative L.A. suburb in Southern California. As he struggles to achieve social success in high school, we discover his darker side. Along with two friends, Virgil, a brilliant yet socially inept misfit, and Virgil's cousin Han, a lost soul with more brawn than brains, Ben leads a double life of mischief and petty crimes that alleviate the pressures of perfection.

At the start of his high school freshman year, Ben befriends Daric, the senior valedictorian and another archetypical overachiever and perfectionist. But Daric is somewhat odd. While being the most intelligent student in the class, he also seems to be the most volatile and dangerous. Behind his trusting and benevolent façade lies a lurking secret, a time-bomb ready to explode. With Daric at the helm, this group of misfit teens bands together into a suburban gang.

As their adopted identity grows, Ben and the gang tumble into a downward spiral of excitement, excess, fun and lurking danger. Ben's life careens out of control, into an intoxicating mix of sex, drugs and crime, leading to a surprising end that will leave audiences engrossed, speechless and ultimately disturbed.


Karin Anna Cheung: Stephanie Sung Kang: Han
John Cho: Steve Parry Shen: Ben
Roger Fan: Daric Jason Tobin: Virgil


Justin Lin: director/producer/writer Ernesto M. Foronda: writer/producer/music supervisor
Julie Asato: producer Fabian Marquez: writer/post production supervisor
Joan Huang: co-producer Yoojung Han: production designer